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The Beginning of the End for Israel…not my own words but Yvonne’s ones

TRY as he might, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert can not snatch any sort of victoryout of the jaws of defeat that are closing down on the failed Zionist project.This, quite simply, is the beginning of the end for Israel.The only thing Israel has proved it can do militarily better than anyone else is kill innocent women and children. And in its genocidal drive to wipe the Palestinian people from existence it has dealt itself a fatal blow.In the belief they would seize an easy victory from the people of Gaza, after retreating broken and humiliated by Hizb’Allah in Lebanon two years earlier, Israel once again learned what happens when you underestimate the enemy.Gaza has been reduced to piles or rubble in some areas as Zionist bombs pounded the tiny coastal strip by land, sea and air. It was a ruthless, brutal campaign deliberately timed for the final weeks of George W Bush’s US presidency and before the start of the Israeli elections.Olmert and Tzipi Livni, the daughter of a war criminal and terrorist (well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?) boasted how they would crush Hamas and stop the Qassam rockets from being fired into Israel.And so, playing the victim yet again, the Zionist State unleashed the might of its army – the fourth largest in the world – on the most densely populated piece of land on Earth, claiming it needed to stop a few tin rockets powered by fertiliser fuel heading towards land stolen from the Palestinians in the first place. Oh, the irony of it all.By trying to win hearts and minds they enlisted the support of Zionist think tanks who would go into overdrive to try and discredit Hamas and its supporters through TV and newspaper columns. Some of the accusations laid against Hamas were plain ridiculous and silly and fooled no one apart from the commissioning editors.As I write this article I am watching Olmert on the BBC speaking at a news conference with European leaders saying he wants Israeli troops to leave Gaza “as quickly as possible”. Meanwhile Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, is on al-Aqsa TV praising his people for their courage and bravery and saying they have won a great victory over Israel. And indeed they have.The drive to crush Hamas has failed – in fact many of the millions across the world who marched against the war proudly and loudly declared: “We are all Hamas”.The cries shocked Olmert, Livni and co who, in their breath-taking arrogance believed the world would stand by and applaud from the sidelines as they went to war with the people of Gaza.What happened instead was demonstrations, riots, anarchy and outrage from ordinary people pouring out of just about every city on the planet. This was the moment when another battle was launched: People Power versus the politicians. And ‘we’ the people won it easily.Leaders who once said they supported Israel began putting a distance between themselves and Tel Aviv. The gaggle of belly-dancing Arab leaders began to dance to a different tune while some of the Arab world’s most brutal dictators clamped down even more on their own citizens seeing coups and plots, real or imaginary, at every turn.Shameful ‘scholars for dollars’ issued fatwas proclaiming demonstrations were haram … these same sheikhs were full of praise for those of us who rallied and marched to show our anger over the vile Danish cartoons which ridiculed The Prophet Mohamed (pbuh). Such hypocrisy reveals them for what they are – men without honour or integrity.Oh how the Middle East could do with some revolutionary figures like Venezeula’s Hugo Chavez who kicked out the Israeli Ambassador and then Bolivia followed suit.But perhaps the most devastating blow to Israel came from one time Gulf ally, The Emir of Qatar who ended trade relations with the rogue state.We still do not know how many Israeli soldiers have died … it is a figure Olmert is trying to keep quiet. No public, ceremonial funerals are shown on TV in Tel Aviv. The Israelis, so used to playing the victim for the American and European media, have not been able to publicly display their mourning to the world. Could it be that mothers, wives and daughters > > of the dead would want to blame the Israeli government for yet another failed campaign?It is a far cry from the week before, when Olmert regaled a cheering crowd in Ashkelon about how he telephoned George W Bush and interrupted him in the middle of a speech he was making in Philadelphia and told him to instruct Condaleezza Rice not to vote for a UN resolution Condi herself had written. Bush did as he was told, said Olmert to roars of approval.I hope Barrack Obama and Hilary Clinton take note.And I hope they realise now that the democratically elected Hamas are the only party in town to sit down and negotiate with. Failed Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas should now viewed as collateral damage. His credibility has gone and any deal he made with Israel over this shameful period will soon be revealed. By the way, I understand his luxury villa in Gaza is about the only building that is free of shrapnel, shells or bullet marks. It certainly survived the bombing in a district which was attacked without mercy. Funny that!Gaza will rise again from the rubble with its people even stronger than before. They are an example to resistance fighters across the world and they will go down in history for their bravery and courage.In a few years time children across the Middle East will be raised on the her oic stories and exploits of the people of Gaza. And as they are safely tucked up in their beds, they’ll probably ask: “So what did happen to Israel? Did it really exist?”Yvonne Ridley is a co-Founder of SGS – Stop Gaza Slaughter. Her website is http://www.yvonneridley.org&lt;http://www.yvonneridley.org/> She was also part of the Free Gaza Movement and was on one of two boats to break the siege of Gaza and sail into the port for the first time in more than 40 years last August.She and film-maker Aki Nawaz are producing a documentary for Press TV about the historic voyage.

جميع أمتحانات كادر معلمي الازهر الشريف

تجميعة اسئلة واجوبة الكادر

رياضيات-كادر معلمى اﻻزهر

اسئلة كادر معلمين الأزهر -معلمى الأزهر كادر – أجوبة أسئلة كادر المعلمين الأزهر الشريف

نموذج أسئلة حاسب آلى بكادر الازهر الشريف

أسئلة فى التربوى مجمعة -كادر الأزهر

نموذج تجريبى للحديث بكادر اﻻزهر الشريف

موقع يختبرك ويعطيك النتيجة فورا

نموذج مجاب عنه لمادة التاريخ

نماذج اسئلة العلوم واجابتها

نماذج امتحان الكادر للغة الانجليزية

نموذج على اسئلة امتحان تاريخ بكادر الازهر

مخارج الحروف وصفاتها

نموذج لغة عربية تخصص مع الاجابة

مهارات الاتصال والتواصل

مقاييس التشتت

أسئلة اللغة الفرنسية باختبارات كادر الازهرالشريف

اسئلة الاحياء من الكادر السعودى

شرح معاملات الارتباط البسيط بكادر المعلم

اجابات انجليزى ومهارات عربى وتربوى

جميع نماذج اختبارات وشروحات كادر الأزهر هنا حمل ماشئت

بقية المواد على اليسار من القائمة المرتبة هجائيا اختار ماشئت

هو فين الكادر دة؟ يعنى ايه كادر ؟ مش عيب تشاركوا باللعب علينا؟

هو فين الكادر دة؟ يعنى ايه كادر ؟ مش عيب تشاركوا باللعب علينا؟

الاول هاتوا الكادر ويلاش فزلكة كلام

وياستاذ هشام شوقى

انت صحفى يحبك المعلمون

لاتصدقهم فى كل مايقولون

وياريت تجمع عناووين المقالات فى مقالة لنكتشف من يلعب بمن ؟

مدير المركز القومى للامتحانات يتعهد بتجنب أخطاء اختبارات الكادر مع معلمى الأزهر

كتب هشام شوقى ٢٤/ ١/ ٢٠٠٩

تعهد الدكتور نجيب خزام، مدير المركز القومى للتقويم التربوى والامتحانات، باتخاذ جميع الإجراءات التى تؤدى إلى تجنب اختبارات كادر معلمى الأزهر الشريف وقوع أخطاء فى النتيجة.

وقال خزام «هناك تنسيق بين الأكاديمية المهنية للمعلمين والمركز القومى للتقويم التربوى والامتحانات، موضحاً أن المركز قام بتنفيذ تجربة استطلاعية لاختبارات كادر المعلم بخمس محافظات بهدف تجريب الأسئلة والتأكد من مدى مناسبتها لمعلمى الأزهر، إلى جانب منح الفرصة للمعلمين للتدريب على مثل هذه الاختبارات».

وأشار الدكتور أسامة ماهر، المنسق الفنى لمشروع اختبارات كادر معلمى الأزهر، لـ «المصرى اليوم» إلى أن نتائج التجربة الاستطلاعية كانت جيدة جداً مشيراً إلى قرب الانتهاء من الاستعدادات لطباعة الاختبارات تمهيداً للتطبيق الأساسى،

وأضاف أنه سيتم تطبيق ١٣٨ صورة اختبارية لعدد ٣٥ اختباراً على مستوى الجمهورية يوم ١٠ فبراير المقبل ولمدة يوم واحد. كما أوضح أنه تم التنسيق بين الأزهر الشريف والأكاديمية المهنية للمعلمين والمركز القومى للامتحانات لتلافى المشكلات والأخطاء التى واكبت تطبيق اختبارات كادر المعلمين بالتعليم العام خلال أغسطس الماضى،

وذلك من خلال عدة إجراءات تتمثل فى عمل برنامج فعال لتدريب الملاحظين بالميدان على إجراءات التطبيق، وكيفية التعامل مع ورقة الإجابة الإلكترونية، الإسكنر إلى جانب التأكيد على أهمية تعامل المعلمين مع الورقة بحرص شديد، ودقة فى ملء البيانات الكافية بالورقة.