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Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Contrasted with the Holocaust

The photos on the left were taken during World War Two and show the Nazi’s treatment of captive Jews. While the photos on the right illustrate the chilling parallels to be found in modern Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. All of which may explain why the Zionists take such offence when compared to Nazis, the similarities are too obvious to ignore and give a new dimension to the label “Zio-Nazi”.

Modern Israel’s Apartheid Wall (right)

Young Jewish boys at the edge of the Warsaw Ghetto (left)

Checking papers in Warsaw during WWII and in modern day Gaza

Jews in transit during WWII in contrast to modern day Palestinians

Nazi troops in Poland in WWII and Israelis today

Nazi troops in Warsaw WWII and Israelis in Gaza today

A young Kibbutz girl girl writes messages on artillary shells destined for Palestinians (right)