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The fifth annual BOBs Weblog Awards launched

The fifth annual BOBs Weblog Awards launched on August 31st for another year of searching the world for the best Weblogs, podcast and videoblogs.

So head on over to the BOBs site and enter your own blog, or perhaps some your favorite blog destinations, for consideration. Just click on the “Make a Submission” link, enter the necessary information and that’s it.

As you will probably notice, the BOBs site has been completely redesigned and offers more features than ever. In the past eight days alone, we have received over 1,900 new submissions for the Blogopedia, our online blog catalog.

And if are looking for an innovative way to explore the global blogosphere, try the new and improved Blogmap. Now you can use your mouse to explore thousands of blogs entered into the Blogopedia by our users. When you click on the pins on the map, information about the blog as well as a screenshot and link will pop up. Happy travels!

The nomination phase runs until September 30th, so don’t delay. Go to the BOBs site, click, explore, nominate and join the growing BOBs community.

The BOBs Team