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Was George Washington a terrorist?

George Washington

1- His grandfather was a British militia captain in a colony of Virginia.

2- He wiped out British colonization though his grandfather was brought by it.

3- He was mainly defending economical interests.

4- He attacked civilians who were loyal to the monarchy.
5- He received support from France which was an imperialist power also, taking advantage of the political conflict between France and Great Britain.
6- He used the guerrilla technique.
7- He was popular among the revolutionaries.

8- He fought residents whom he called anti revolutionaries.

Hamas and Hizbollah members

1- Any Hamas or Hizbollah member’s ancestors belong to the region hundreds or maybe thousands years ago.

2- They are fighting Israeli occupation which expelled their grandfathers from their own lands.
3- They are defending their mere existence.
4- They attack militants or settlers who occupy their lands.
5- They receive support from countries that share with them culture and history and not imperialists by any means.

6- They use the guerrilla technique.

7- They are popular among their people: Hamas was elected; Hizbollah has the full support of the majority.
8- They negotiate with the minority who are anti resistance.


a- George Washington is a hero.
b- Hamas and Hizbollah are terrorist groups.

Is there any need for the revival of Aristotle here?