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انا عاوزكم تفرحوا معايا…ساركوزى عميل سابق للموساد

بقية الخبر هنا

افرحوا هما فى فرنسا كانوا عارفين واحنا بس اللى مش عارفين

Sarkozy ex-Mossad secret agent

French President Nicholas Sarkozy

A report reveals that French President Nicolas Sarkozy worked for Israeli intelligence for a long time before he was elected president.

French daily Le Figaro has revealed the French leader once worked for the Zionist regime as a sayan, Hebrew for ‘collaborator’.

Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky says sayans, who perform many roles, are Jewish citizens of other nationalities assisting Mossad.

Le Figaro claimed that French police officials managed to keep secret a letter, which exposed Sarkozy’s past participation in espionage activities for Mossad.

The letter fixed Sarkozy’s alleged spying activities as far back as 1983.

In the immediate aftermath of Le Figaro’s exposé, the Zionist regime’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was on a state visit to France to discuss Iran’s nuclear program, which raised more questions about the report.

Analysts believe since Sarkozy took office in May, he has taken every opportunity to pledge his allegiance to the United States and the Zionist regime.

“Sarko the Sayan” has also followed in the footsteps of the White House by choosing a hostile approach toward Iran and its peaceful nuclear activities.

Latest rumor in France:

Sarkozy was/is a Mossad agent…

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Hopefully an article in english will come out soon…

Basically an unknown whistle blower sent several emails to Judicial Police with so-called evidence that Sarkozy along with several right wing party members used to work for Mossad and were infiltrated in the party years ago…

The text sent comes in the form of an “executive summary” of two pages. Nicolas Sarkozy: the fourth man. “Above, a pseudo-logo of the DGSE.” “All this manipulation breathes the full nose, with smacks of extreme right,” warns a senior manager in the Ministry for the Interior.

According to the author of the message, in 1978, the government of Menachem Begin ordered the infiltration of the Gaullist party to make a kind of partner for Israel. The operation was mounted by Rafael Eytan, the Israeli influence. “Three citizens french predisposed to cooperate” would therefore have been targeted: Patrick Levant, and Patrick Devedjian Pierre Lellouche. Balkany est présenté comme le chef du « réseau ». Flake is described as leader of the “network”.

In 1983, Patrick loopholes alleged to have recruited “young and promising” Sarkozy, the “fourth man Mossad.” A fifth rookie to be added to the device in the 1990s: Manuel Aeschlimann, Deputy Mayor of Asnières (Seine). The cybercorbeau asserts that it is close to Sarkozy “to establish contacts with Iranian officials in France.” An assertion all the more perfidious that his city welcomes Asnières actually a strong Iranian community.

After Putin, ex-KGB we now have Sarko ex-Mossad…
Who knows, we might learn tomorow that Bush was in fact working for CIA…

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