Breaking News: Five Israeli soldiers pirate on a civilian aid “brotherhood ship”

Al-Jazeera reporter, Salam Khoder, said Thursday morning to Al-Jazeera broadcast, that about three Israeli soldiers stormed into the medical aid boat “brotherhood” attacking civilians on board.
The aid boat was shipping medical aid, children toys, cloths and blankets to civilians in Gaza suffering inhuman condition due to the blockade and the last war on Gaza. Israeli forces endeavoured to prevent the boat from reaching Gaza, trying, in vain, to compel the boat to return back to Lebanon.
Before the phone line was disconnected, Salam Koder, in a phone call to al-Jazeera, was entirely terrified saying: ‘they stormed into the boat, three…. Three soldiers pointing their weapons toward us… they climbed the back of the boat… they are attacking us… they…. Kicking the passengers… beating us.. they are beating us.. they…”.
All contacts with the boat are disjointed.
The boat is carrying reporters, doctors, Christian priests, Muslim clerics and human rights activists.
Israeli army announced that their soldiers led the boat to Ashdod harbour to investigate passengers and inspect the boat.
International media did not mention a word about this incident till this moment.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: Five Israeli soldiers pirate on a civilian aid “brotherhood ship”

  1. Asem Hamdy

    This piracy by the Israeli terrorist army is adding to its continued crimes against the Palestinians and the free people supporting them.


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