نماذج لاختبارات كادر المعلمين-اللغة الانجليزية3

Proficiency Test


English Language Teachers


Section Three : Grammatical Structure

Directions : Questions 93-106 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

93 – I _______ the book but when I heard what the critics said I changed my mind.

a) was going to buy

b) would have bought

c) was buying

d) am going to buy

94 – She _________ him before 1968.

a) has seen

b) saw

c) had seen

d) seen

95 – It was snowing when the refugees __________ .

a) have arrived

b) arrived

c) had arrived

d) were arrived

96 – Mary is waiting ___________ the Queen.

a) to see

b) for seeing

c) for to see

d) at see

97 – She doesn’t want _________ her.

a) anybody helped

b) that anybody helping

c) anybody to help

d) that any body helps

98 – In the year 2005,he ___________ working here for 50 years.

a) will have been

b) will be

c) has been

d) had been

99 – You ________ drive carefully. The roads are slippery.

a) would better

b) would rather

c) had better

d) had rather

100- He doesn’t smoke. _________

a) I don’t too.

b) Neither I do.

c) I don’t neither.

d) Neither do I.

101- It’s raining. We have to return home, __________ ?

a) don’t we

b) wouldn’t we

c) didn’t we

d) isn’t it

102- He knew everything ________ was going on.

a) what

b) where

c) whom

d) that

103- Students have to spend a lot of time studying _________ their own.

a) on

b) by

c) for

d) in

104- He is very famous ________ Great Britain.

a) whole

b) all over

c) in all

d) all of

105- They’re staying with their parents __________ the time being.

a) during

b) for

c) since

d) when

106- ____________ all her efforts the party was ruined.

a) In spite of

b) Nevertheless

c) Although

d) However

Section Four : Vocabulary

Directions : Items 107-112 include sentences with missing words or phrases. From the words or phrases below each choose the one that best completes the sentence.

107- Keep your children away from this medicine ! It’s ________.

a) dead

b) deadly

c) death

d) dying

108- Shakespeare has written many poems. He is a __________ poet.

a) large

b) huge

c) tiny

d) great

109- This new pot is __________. You can put it on the stove.

a) waterproof

b) heatproof

c) bulletproof

d) soundproof

110- The patient is now in a ___________ condition.

a) series

b) medical

c) critical

d) psychological

111- The new Saudi _____________ are twenty and two hundreds.

a) currencies

b) money

c) coins

d) banknotes

112- I wish you a good result in your exam. When are you _______ it ?

a) passing

b) taking

c) leaving

d) doing

Directions : In each sentence below replace the boldface word with the one that has the nearest meaning to it .

113 The Roman armies were defeated in 622 A.D.

a) inscribed

b) enlisted

c) retreated

d) beaten

114 Bad deeds are disgraceful.

a) shameful

b) beautiful

c) shy

d) happy

115 Birds expand their wings when they are flying.

a) protect

b) inflate

c) contract

d) shrink

116 The population in Saudi Arabia increased from eight millions to fourteen millions in the past ten years.

a) produced

b) decreased

c) reduced

d) ascended

Section Five : Reading Comprehension

Directions : Read the following text carefully. Then answer the questions on the basis of what is stated or implied by the text. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence :

1- Visitors to America are immediately struck by the tremendous numbers of automobiles filling the highways and crowding the city streets. The automobile, which has transformed the American way of life, is the most indispensable workhorse of the family. During the week, the father drives it to his job in the city, alone, or in a “car pool” arrangement with several of his fellow workers. When he leaves it at home, his wife uses it constantly to do errands, to haul groceries, to drive children to lessons or appointments, to shops or swimming pools. On weekends, the family drives out to the country for a picnic lunch or may take a trip of several hundred miles. On vacations, no corner of the country is beyond the family’s reach.

2- All of America has felt the changes, which came with the automobile and with the network of highways that have been built to serve it. Farmers, who live far from their neighbors, are no longer isolated. Tractors of the work of the many farmlands they cannot afford to hire, Trucks carry their products to market, to storage elevators or to railroads.

3- Traffic jams in cities and along the approaches to cities, especially at morning and evening rush hours and at the start and end of weekends, are difficult problems. How to find out enough parking space in the cities, even with underground parking lots and many-storied “pigeonhole” parking structures in another. More highways and wider ones are needed as fast as they can be built.

117- The main topic of this passage is __________________ .

a) The network of highways

b) The American highways

c) Trucks and Tractors in America

d) Cars and the American Life

118- The automobile has had _______________ on the American society.

a) A little effect

b) hardly any effect

c) an obvious effect

d) no effect whatsoever

119- The American father ________________________.

a) always drives alone to work.

b) may share his car with other colleagues.

c) drives his children to lessons.

d) drives his wife to haul groceries.

120- The American family may spend the weekend ____________.

a) abroad.

b) in downtown.

c) out of town.

d) in a family gathering.

121- Thanks to the automobile, all American States have become ____________.

a) within reach.

b) more isolated.

c) beyond reach.

d) torn apart.

122- Most American families __________________ cars.

a) cannot afford

b) do not badly need

c) do not have

d) cannot do without

123- The word ‘ which ‘ in the first line of the second paragraph refers to _________________.

a) all Americans

b) automobiles

c) changes

d) traffic

Section Six : Linguistics and Pedagogy

124-___________ is a feature in human language that allows for the making and interpretation of an infinite number of messages.

a) Arbitrariness

b) Creativity

c) Interchange

d) Displacement

125- The Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis is associated with _________ .

a) the cognitive theory

b) the behaviorist theory

c) the native theory

d) none of the above

126- ___________ validity refers to the correlation between test scores and a trustworthy external criterion.

a) empirical

b) content

c) face

d) rational

127- In constructing language tests, items are said to be satisfactory if _____________ .

a) they are at suitable level of difficulty

b) they discriminate among students

c) they improve students’ proficiency

d) A & B

128- Transformational grammar _________.

a) ignores the relationship between sentences with the same meaning

b) generates only the grammatical sentences of a language

c) tries to modify the learner’s linguistic behavior

d) is none of the above

129- ___________ suffixes do not usually change the grammatical class of the words to which they are attached.

a) Inflectional

b) Derivational

c) Morphological

d) Functional

130- A native speaker can in most cases _________.

a) give an account of the rules of his language.

b) list all the possible sentences of his language.

c) A & B

d) None of the above.

131- The Critical Period Hypothesis presents strong evidence for the ___________ theory of language acquisition.

a) cognitive

b) behaviorist

c) nativist

d) situational

132- In the production of ___________ the passage of the air stream is relatively unobstructed.

a) vowels

b) nasals

c) sibilant

d) fricatives

133- In the grammar translation method, __________ .

a) elaborate explanations of the intricacies of grammar are given

b) grammar is taught inductively

c) there is little explanations

d) grammar is postponed to a later stage

134- Within the cognitive approach, language acquisition is seen as ___________ .

a) rule formation

b) habit formation

c) skill formation

d) function formation

135- The eclectic method of foreign language teaching necessitates that the teachers __________ .

a) apply the easiest from the various methods

b) choose the best from the various methods

c) apply one method in each class period

d) apply at lest two methods in each class period

136- The best course design is the one that __________ .

a) promotes a positive social climate in the classroom

b) enhances student motivation

c) makes teaching enjoyable for the teacher

d) all of the above.

137- ___________ is such a natural and normal human activity that few aspects of it really need much overt instruction.

a) Listening

b) Speaking

c) Reading

d) B & C

138- For students learning to read in a new language some previous ____________ ability is necessary.

a) written language

b) simple language

c) oral language

d) real language

139- Teaching productive skills means teaching ___________ .

a) speaking and listening

b) listening and reading

c) speaking and reading

d) writing and speaking

140- The technique of __________ is an activity where a student needs information from others to complete a particular task.

a) filling in a blank

b) information gap

c) critical reading

d) matching

141- The primary objective in teaching speaking is the development of ________ ability.

a) oral communication

b) phonological

c) pronunciation

d) good English

142- Grammar teaching is the explicit teaching of language ________ .

a) forms

b) words

c) function

d) meaning

143- Reading in a second language normally requires processes similar to reading in a _________ language.

a) first

b) second

c) third

d) foreign

144- In preparing a test for intensive reading we should note that ___________ texts should used.

a) short, simple

b) short, complex

c) long, detailed

d) long, complex

145- Process oriented writing instruction places more emphasis on the __________ in producing a piece of writing.

a) stages that writers go through

b) knowledge that writers employ

c) experience that writers have

d) time that writers spend

146- Good pronunciation requires the ability to correctly produce and use __________ .

a) Sounds, stress, and intonation.

b) Sounds, stress, and meanings.

c) Sound, words, and meanings.

d) Sound, words and production.

147- A crossword puzzle helps students develop ________ knowledge.

a) reading

b) orthography

c) lexical

d) writing

148- Teaching words in isolation is not recommended because _______ .

a) some words have different meanings

b) context helps to clarify the meanings of the word

c) the function of the word in a sentence helps to determine its meaning

d) all the above

149- Techniques for guessing meanings of the words from context include :

a) activating background knowledge.

b) Obtaining clues from structure and surrounding words.

c) Understanding pronunciation and punctuation.

d) All the above.

150- Using technology in teaching helps teachers _________.

a) present demonstrations

b) enhance course content

c) provide additional illustrations

d) all the above

151- Using multimedia software helps ____________ students to increase their learning ability.

a) disabled

b) shy

c) weak

d) all the above

152- Road maps are generally used in the teaching of ___________ .

a) grammatical structures

b) reading comprehension

c) listening practice

d) A & B

153- In effective language teaching, computers are best used as ________________ .

a) substitutes for teachers

b) aids to teachers

c) means of entertainment

d) substitutes for textbooks

154- In preparing material for language lab practice, it is best to _____________ .

a) read from the textbook directly

b) use transcripts for the purpose

c) dictate to the recording person

d) memorize the material first

155- A good language teacher uses magazine pictures to __________ .

a) teach language skills and elements

b) decorate the classroom

c) make teaching more enjoyable

d) teach good pronunciation.

156- Flash cards are more commonly used to teach __________ .

a) listening

b) vocabulary items

c) writing exercises

d) reading aloud

157- We can use both flannel boards and magnetic boards to display pictures and cards. However, _____________ .

a) flannel boards are more effective

b) magnetic boards are easier to use

c) they are similar

d) chalkboards are better than both

158-Composite pictures may be effectively used in the teaching of ____________ .

a) speaking and writing

b) reading comprehension only

c) grammatical structures mainly

d) young learners only

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