Alexa Tricks

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Alexa:

  1. How to show up in another website’s related links.

  2. How to update the thumbnail image Alexa has for your site.

  3. How to see website traffic across non-standard date-ranges.

  4. How to get included in Alexa’s hierarchical directory.

  5. How to remove the Alexa toolbar from your browser.

  6. How to make your own Alexa toolbar.

  7. How to get Alexa data in XML format free.

  8. How to get Alexa data as an RSS feed.

  9. Get Certified Alexa stats on your site

  10. Modify the details about an Alexa listing.

1 thought on “Alexa Tricks

  1. Yasir Imran

    Is there any way I can edit my wordpress blog’s information in alexa

    because it has only two options,
    1-upload a text file to my site root
    2-provide an email at domain

    I think both are not possible for blogs
    can you help me in this ?


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